Our Services


The success of Link Network System has been its customer support. Maintenance services may vary from troubleshooting PCs to solving complex network problems configuring advance systems and packages. We make sure that your problems are solved at the earliest.

Maintenance Services are provided under three schemes, so that one can choose the Scheme based on the Budget and Risk factor of the organization.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

This is an ideal for corporate business and industrial establishments where the downtime of system is crucial. AMC gives easy option of budgeting the total maintenance expenses for whole year and with assured high quality services from us with the least headaches.

After studying the maintenance requirement, we propose Annual Maintenance contract, which gives a comprehensive maintenance of all the system inclusive of the replacement of critical non-wearing out components. Thus the clients enjoy a periodic preventive maintenance visit as well as assured immediate response at the time of emergency and a very high uptime of system.
Through AMC, we provide the periodical maintenance as well as the remedial services on call and this includes replacement of faulty parts with the working parts free of cost excluding consumable and worn out items such as printer Cable/ Ink/Cartridge/heads/ribbons/Knob/batteries of UPS etc.

ASC (Annual Service Contract)

This is very much similar to AMC. The ONLY difference is in the replacement of faulty component. Under, ASC the COST of the components replaced has to be borne by the client.

OCS (On Call Service)

This is ideal for those who do not opt for an AMC or ASC; yet want the Quality support services of Link Network System. On Call Services basically provides Hardware as well as software services depending on the complaints/problems faced by the customer. The basic charges for an on call services dependent and for system integration, Administration and Software support the charges depend on time involved for fixing the problem.


Link Network System provides end-to-end system integration solution, custom-designed to meet every possible business need, both now and in the future. We offer complete solution in network integration. Integration of Multi-vendor heterogeneous networks is a key expertise of O.K Network System integration can add immense value any business that aims to derive competitive value by using IT efficiently and effectively.

A growing organization must have an O.K Network System that not only meets its requirements today, but also keeps pace with its future business. We have got several years of experience in installing and integrating complex networks that meet your exact business requirement. Based on an understanding of your existing infrastructures, we design and implement networks that will function smoothly, allowing you to make crucial business decisions.